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A&H Motorsport Ltd own and maintain two high spec Classic GC8 Subaru Impreza Rally Cars. Both cars are available for the 2013 AENMMC sealed and mixed surface multiuse stage rally championships and the EMAMC multiuse championship together with the Carfax and Rockingham Stages 2013 (please see Events Calendar). Other events by special arrangement please contact us for your requirements. Both cars run on an arrive and drive basis – we get the car to the event maintain it; provide tyres and fuel and even a co-driver as required. You just “Arrive and Drive,”.

We provide full “arrive and drive” rally car hire facilities including: –

  •  Hire and delivery of rally car to venue
  • Scrutineering if required
  • Supply of fuel
  • Supply of tyres
  • Full service/backup
  • Full catering facilities including breakfast, lunch, snacks and drinks, on van loo and hot and cold running water
  • Co-driver if required
  • Certified helmets and suits if required
  • Name(s) on rear quarter windows
  • Incar camera
  • Stills photos

The ultimate rally experience beyond a “rally experience” for beginners should you wish to take your “dream” further. We will guide (help you through the attainment of an MSA competitors rally driving licence) followed by support on your first venue including scrutineering and co-driver if required.

Alternatively you may be an experienced driver/competitor needing a car for an odd event to maintain your hand or on a favourite event or to replace your car on a particular event.

Both of our cars are high spec classic GC8 turbo Imprezas running: –

  •  Full competition engine, VF34 turbo, antilag and water spray, big bore stainless exhaust, remapped ECU’s. APB 97A runs on a 99 octane pump fuel, APB 330A on Carless 102, both mapped by T Stamper (ex prodrive).
  • JDM 6 speed DCCD gearbox with ATB front diff and R180 plated rear diff complete with Neetronics programmable DCCD controller. (APB 330A runs 5 speed Hewland dog box (in a 6 speed casing) and plated front diff).
  • Coilover rally suspension all around (APB 330A – Ohlins, APB 97A Bilsteins) with poly bushed suspension joints all round anti lift kit and negative camber setup front and rear. Both cars have incredibly stiffened front end by addition of the “Newage” ‘U’ brace/bar which incorporates sump guard mounting. Quick rack STi/Ra powered steering.
  • 330mm dia front brakes, 290/310mm rears for tarmac setup 290mm all round for rough/gravel set up. (APB 330A has AP 6 pot front & Brembo 2 pot rears, APB 97A has Brembo 4 pot front & Subaru 2 pot rears, APB 330A has biased pedal box (dash adjustable) APB 97A has ‘de-servoed’ master cylinder with front adjustable bias pressure valve). Both cars use 17” wheels and tarmac tyres for “smooth” events, 15” gravel wheels and tyres for rough event, both cars use Subaru 4 pot front & Subaru 2 pot rears for gravel wheels/tyres. Competition brake pads & braided hoses all round. Both cars have vertical hydraulic handbrake with DCCD release.
  • Group N wheels studs, hubs and bearings, 17” wheels with moulded slicks, intermediate and full wet tyre options or 15” wheels with gravel tyres (event dependant).
  • Full under body protection with tank guards, diff guard skidded trailing arms and chassis/ ‘U’ bar/subframe mount full length sump guard.
  • Safety equipment including latest in date seats and 6 point harnesses, driver/co-driver intercom, plumbed/remote fire extinguisher and handheld, master cut out, safety glass, full welded in braced roll cage, sill stands, full MSA logbook, MOT and road tax. Safety helmets and race overalls available if required as is co driver.

Very competitive, very reliable well turned out vehicles in full APB Group Ltd main sponsor livery ready to rally “arrive and drive.”

Please call us to discuss your requirements. Prices on request plus entry fee, plus insurance, tyres and fuel extra.